Male to Male Massage

If you are gay, bi, bi-curious or even straight, the unquestionable strength in the touch of a man is completely different to what a woman can offer. Male to male massage isn’t always about offering something erotic, but it can be about offering a strong massage that can really works on removing tension from painful areas in the body. Some men also maybe embarrassed, or self conscious to go to female therapists for personal reasons.

Man to man massage has been popular for a number of years. As a leading male to male massage therapist I only cater to men. I am happy to massage men of any age (18+), any background, and any sexual orientation. Many of the men who come and see me ask me this question, and really it depends on what you require.

Yes, I do offer an erotic massage, which is very popular, but this is not all I offer. My Swedish massage and Sports massages are ideal for those who want to just relax or remove tension.

The Swedish massage offers a full body 70-minute massage for the low price of just £60. During this time, I use aromatherapy oils and various techniques to relax all the muscles in your body. However, if you are carrying a sports injury or any type of injury or pain in the muscle, a sports massage may offer the perfect solution. As mentioned, a male to male massage is generally more powerful, which is always beneficial during a sports massage.

If you want a man to man massage specialist, look no further. If you do have any questions about anything on this website, do not hesitate to contact me, and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.